David Harding | Heads the Cooked and the Raw | 2002 | Java Creative Cafe


Heads the Cooked and the Raw

October 25 – December 8, 2002
Java Creative Cafe Independence Monument


‘Heads: The Cooked and the Raw’ is my second exhibition of artworks and reflects my growing interest in representations of the human face, which is perhaps the most complex communications device created by nature.

David Harding | Heads the Cooked and the Raw | 2002 | Java Creative Cafe

The “Cooked” here is represented by images of serenity, happiness, and calm, while the “Raw” is given over to images of depression, psychosis and hate.

These though, are the extremes. I have also attempted to create more subtle moods, the middle ground if you like, the sadness, the boredom, and the disappointment that surround us everyday.

I do not pretend to have any particular insight into the human condition, but I have what I refer to as my “Memory map,” a collection of near photographic images that I have accumulated over the years, and still do. These are not necessarily the most beautiful or full of character, maybe something in the attitude or the light makes it stick, I really don’t understand why, but it does give me a ready supply of inspiration.

– David Harding –

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