Geneviève Marot | Carnet de Voyage | 2003 | Java Creative Cafe


Carnet de Voyage

January 18 – February 23, 2003
Java Creative Cafe Independence Monument


Two years ago I discovered Cambodia thanks to my brother. He has been living there for 8 years and started the local NGO “FRIENDS” that is working with 1,500 street children (at the time when this was first published). He invited me to organize a drawing workshop with the children. For me it was an overwhelming experience: discovering an extraordinary and dramatic country.

There is beauty in all the ever-present children’s eyes. As soon as I take my drawing pads out, they arrive, curious. I draw their portraits and I can feel that they are worried. Then their faces light up when they see the sketches. I am going back to Cambodia to make more drawings and paint with these children, who are so happy about it that they even forget that it is time to eat.

All the paintings from this exhibition are taken from my Cambodian Travel Diary that will be published end of 2003 at the Editions Gallimard.


I was born on 7 April 1968 and have been drawing ever since I was able to hold a pencil. I graduated from ESAG (Penninghen). Initially, I worked in agencies and then had my two children before starting to work as an independent graphic designer – illustrator. I make illustrations for children and for magazines, lay-outs and visual identities for companies and I also design theater sets. The current trend towards travel diaries allowed me to develop further what I have always done when traveling: draw, sketch, and paint to gather all my emotions and share them. From some of my sketches I made large paintings that are currently on exhibition in Phnom Penh at the Java Café and will be in November at the Zango-travellers’bar, Paris.

Geneviève Marot’s work includes «Cambodia, in the streets of Phnom Penh», and co-authored, with her collective Travelling Notebookists: “Nomadic Suburbs”, “What I like about you”, “Live Long! a notebook of encounters” (Published by Alternatives), “Skyscraper and noodle soup”, “Paysannes (farmer women)” (Published by The Box of Bubbles)


Cambodge Soir
January 28, 2003

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