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Open Window

February 6 – March 2, 2002
Java Creative Cafe Independence Monument

An exhibition of over 100 prints by 35 students from the Royal University of Fine Arts. During a six week period, Sasha Constable, an upcoming British artist, conducted a print workshop with level I, II, and III art students. The resulting artwork is as varied as the individuals who made them.

From abstract color scenes to sharp lines of black & white statues, sometimes amusing and often refreshing. The traditional symbols of Khmer culture play a dominate role as subjects, but are interrupted by unexpected elements from the students’ environment.

The pieces in this exhibition are predominantly black & white prints using the linoleum cutting method. However, during the workshop many different techniques of printmaking were explored—including color and black & white monotypes and collographs.


Sasha Constable, an educated and practiced artist, has been working in Cambodia for the last year (at the time this was first published). Supported by two renowned art collectors, Mr. David Thomson from Canada, and Mr. Larry Salander of Salander O’Reilly Gallery, New York City, Ms. Constable conducted this recent workshop as a small way to revive and inspire contemporary Cambodian art. She has been exhibited internationally for over ten years, and has varied skills as an artist and teacher.

This event was sponsored by HE Mr. Steven Bridges, Ambassador, and the British Embassy of Phnom Penh.

Workshop at the Royal University of Fine Arts

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Some of our archived files have low resolution or don’t exist at all. Sometimes we were focused more on making exhibitions than archiving. Additionally, a fire many years ago destroyed all of our hard copies and a significant portion of our digital copies. If you are the artist or have access to images, press or anything else related to the exhibition, please contact us.