Shiga Nobuko | Harmony Garden | 2001 | Java Creative Cafe


Harmony Garden

April 30 – June 10, 2001
Java Creative Cafe Independence Monument

Shiga Nobuko, a photographer from Japan, made this set of photographs while visiting in Cambodia. When she first arrived she became very interested in the local fruits and vegetables. Nobuko would go to the market early in the morning and choose fruits, vegetables, and flowers that she thought were appealing. Then she would take them home and arrange them in beautiful forms.

Shiga Nobuko | Harmony Garden | 2001 | Java Creative Cafe

Nobuko saw the fruits and vegetables as more than something to eat, but as objects that can tell a story or show a feeling. We all know that they are delicious, but maybe you can see something different about them too.

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Press Clipping

Cambodge Soir
May 2, 2001

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