Film Photography Exhibition

A collaboration between Java Creative Café and RUUB Studio

Exhibition dates: October – December, 2023 (TBC)
Venue: Java Creative Cafe Toul Kork + Toul Tom Poung
Theme: Nostalgia

Get out your old photos – family photos, portraits and pictures that document special moments!

Java Creative Café and RUUB Studio invite photographers (professional and amateur) to submit film-based images made in Cambodia that fit the theme of “nostalgia.”. We will select 20 images to be printed and included in a three month long exhibition at Java Creative Café’s two locations in Toul Kork and Toul Tom Poung.

  • The exhibition will feature 1 image per person, 2 prints each to be exhibited in two locations.
  • The selection of 20 images will be determined in collaboration between Java Creative Café and RUUB Studio.
  • We will organize an opening event – details will be announced later.
  • Additionally we will publish the images on our social media and website, giving credit to the photographer. We may also publish a selection of images online that are not included in the physical exhibition.
  • By submitting images to this exhibition you guarantee that you have the right to share the images and that you give us permission to publish them online and/or for the exhibition.

June: Call for submissions
7 September: Extended deadline for submissions
11 September: Announcement of selected images
October: Exhibition opening

Please submit images that fit the theme of Nostalgia. You can interpret that any way you want!

Images have the incredible power to capture memories and important moments of our lives and of history. We are celebrating this power of images as well as the beauty of film photography with a community exhibition. We welcome anyone to submit film-based images that were made in Cambodia. The subject can be anything! We are interested in historically important events as well as personal photos. From everyday activities like fishing or cooking, to family events like weddings and parties, or portraits in the park.

  • Images must be made from film (digital not allowed).
  • Images must be taken in Cambodia, but the photographer can be any age or nationality.
  • You may submit images taken by someone else, but you MUST HAVE PERMISSION from the original photographer or their family.
  • Each photographer may submit up to 10 images, but if selected, we will choose only 1.
  • Images must comply with the laws and standards of Cambodian culture – we reserve the right to exclude any images that we deem inappropriate.

Submission is free, but selected photographers must pay for the cost of scanning and printing. To be sure of consistent quality we prefer to scan and print for the exhibition. We will make exceptions for old prints where the film is not available. In that case please be prepared to provide a printable file: the longest side must be 29.7cm and the resolution quality should be 300dpi. Thank you for your understanding!

Scanning: cost per roll $6/35mm or $6.50/medium format (up to 6×7)

Printing by RUUB Studio: A4 $10/image x 2 = $20


Send the following to

  • Name, age, current place of residence
  • Email and phone contact
  • For each image include the following information: number (1, 2, 3, etc.), title (optional), name of photographer, year made, location made
  • Scan of the image* with the number and your name in the file name, 1500px on the long side, jpeg (about 1mb file size)

*Note: the submission file can from any scan, but selected images for the exhibition will be re-scanned in high resolution for printing purposes, or a printable file must be provided by person submitting the image.