10am Saturday 15 June 2024 | Underground Comix and Self-Publishing with Nicolas C. Grey

🕙 Time/Date: 10am – 12pm Saturday, 15 June, 2024

📍 Location: Java Creative Cafe Toul Tom Poung (upstairs/theater)

🎟️ Entrance (pay at the door): $7 per person, $3.50 for students (must show ID) – includes a cup of coffee or tea ☕ with free refills

Come early to get your free coffee and browse artwork, prints and books by the artist!

For our second SATURDAY SEMINAR, we are excited to host Nicolas C. Grey, an esteemed comix artist whose work will be showcased in the gallery (Postcards from Somewhere Else https://fb.me/e/3QxWboBuV). Grey will share his journey in the comix industry, offering an in-depth look at his creative process from initial concept to the final stages of publication. This session will serve both as an artist’s talk and a practical guide, providing attendees with valuable insights into concept development and self-publishing. Whether your interest lies in comics, zines, photography, or other creative forms, Grey’s expertise offers a comprehensive look into the art of book-making that is beneficial for anyone eager to explore this expressive and accessible medium.

About the artist:

Nicolas C. Grey is a prolific artist, renowned for his work in a variety of mediums such as drawings, collages, installations, and graphic novels, in addition to editing comix compilations. His work is deeply influenced by the underground comix movement, which has been pioneered since the 60s by independent, small-scale comics that emerged as a counter-culture response to censorship. Characterized by satirical themes and often provocative content, his work embodies the rebellious spirit of this movement.

His self-published graphic novels include “Death of a Pornographer”, “Advaya, there is no two”, and “When Quintillions Ripen” (a work in progress). While “This Dog Barking” was published by Harper Collins. Additionally he has produce several comix like “Life Sucks” and “Joe Odd”. From his home in Battambong, he currently edits and produces a comic compilation “Headache Comix”. More details about these works can be found at https://www.thisrobotdreaming.com/.

About the series:

Java Creative Cafe TTP presents a series of informative and interactive sessions with field experts on various topics related to arts, design, crafts and local histories.

Our Saturday Seminars are designed to bring together a community of individuals who share a passion for creativity and learning. At each seminar, you will have the opportunity to not only learn from our guest speakers but also engage in discussions and networking with fellow attendees. Our goal is to create a space for meaningful connections and collaborations among like-minded individuals.

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