6:30pm 13 June 2024 | Postcards From Somewhere Else | Exhibition by Nicolas C. Grey

Postcards From Somewhere Else
A series of drawings and postcard prints by Nicolas C. Grey
Exhibition opening: 6:30pm Thursday, 13 June 2024

“Postcards From Somewhere Else” by Nicolas C. Grey offers the viewer the chance to visit realms of an alternate reality, envisaging people and worlds beyond our conventional understanding. Expanding on myths, religious concepts, and fiction, the exhibition explores the concept that reality is not singular but a construct shaped by our sensory perceptions and altered by our emotional responses. This series posits that reality is inherently individual, suggesting a profound absence of universal truth.

These portraits, while otherworldly, are imbued with nuanced expressions of the human condition, highlighting one of Grey’s most admirable qualities as an artist: his exceptional observational skills and empathy. His point of view enables him to transcend mere representation, offering a commentary on the complexities of our emotional lives.

For this exhibition, Grey explores the medium of postcards, traditionally used to share snapshots of mundane moments with loved ones. However, in this case, the postcard becomes a portal to somewhere else, serving as a tangible representation of the alternate realities he creates. By offering material evidence, it further suggests that these fictional worlds may actually exist and form part of our manifold existence.

About the artist: “Nic (Nicolas C. Grey) was born in London in 1968, and having left both school and home at 16 is a self–taught artist. Working under the name Dead Nic during the nineties he was involved in the underground comix scene, producing, together with Benjamin Heath, the now legendary Watermelon comic. He is drawn to the idea of social and human failure, and creates art featuring the world’s marginalized and broken people.” – excerpt from biography written by James Farley, read more at https://www.thisrobotdreaming.com/

Original artwork by Nicolas C. Grey
Prints produced by RUUB studio on archival paper
Exhibition dates: 13 June – 31 August, 2024
At Java Creative Café Toul Tom Poung